Blue agate bracelet -bead 8/0

$ 20

*The size of the bead 8/0
*Any size can be done according to the wrist measurement.
* Please request the size upon order
Blue agate :
*Balances energy and feelings throughout the body.
*Helps to calm and reduce tension and anxiety.
* Eliminates feelings of distress helps to recover from shocks.
* Increases spirituality, insight, intuition, and the ability to make sound decisions
*Increases concentration, improves memory
*suitable for students and tests.
*suitable for people who needs communication skills with others
* It helps you to understand yourself and communicate with it.
* it also helps to increase self-confidence.
Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement to recovery and healing. Please consult your doctor.


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