Clear Quartz ball

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Weight 100 gm
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Used in healing sessions such as Reiki or Pranic Healing
Used in meditations
It can be placed in a pocket or bag
The characteristics of clear quartz :
*It helps to clear the mind
* Focus on your goals
* It is called “the main processor” as a
magnifier of vibrations and increase the strength of the vibrations of stones and cleans and frees and balances the energy of other stones.
* Balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies.
* Purifies and strengthens organs and acts as a deep cleanser, connecting the physical dimension and the mind.
* It helps to focus and strengthens memory.
* cleanse the aura, general balance for all chakras
* Cleans the body and repels any negative energies directed such as dark energies and magic.
* helps students in exam , it helps to get rid of mind shutter and relieve the anxiety and stress of the exams
Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement for recovery and healing. Please consult your doctor


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