Fluorite bracelet- bead 8/0

$ 35

*The size of the bead 8/0
*Any size can be done according to the wrist measurement.
* Please request the size upon order

Fluorite properties :
* Related to enlightenment stimulates intuition and creativity.
* ability to make decisions.
*helps to recover from emotional pain. *balance and stimulates the heart chakra.
* help to release stuck feelings.
*in relationships release you from anxiety and focus on what you want helps calm And inner peace and sleep are healed by the wounds of the soul, mind, and emotion.
* Reduces stress.
*Healing bone diseases relieves arthritis and reduces dental diseases.
*Helps cancer patients during healing.

Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement to recovery and healing. Please consult your doctor.


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