Isis Pendulum

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Made of copper
It is one of the Pharaonic pendulums and symbolizes the key to life, named after Isis, wife of Osiris. It is considered very strong in the process of sending and receiving vibrations due to the high sensitivity of the energy field, and it is characterized by having a very strong mental impact.
It is known as the general healing pendulum because it generates vibrations of the visible white spectrum. One of its advantages is that it cleans itself and purifies itself.
It has several uses, one of the most important of which is the balance of food and medicine energy, the detection of places through maps, and the knowledge of geographical directions.
– Get answers to questions – Telemedicine for its reason for transmitting electromagnetic waves long distances
– Cleanse and balance the energy of the place – Discover the surrounding energy fields and areas of geographic stress – Control and balance the chakras, which are the energy gates in the human body to cure diseases or control energy by cleaning them from any pollution or congestion
Disclaimer that dowsing is not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement for recovery and healing.Please consult your doctor


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