Moss Agate bracelet- bead 8/0, 6/0

$ 20

*The size of the bead 8/0, 6/0
*Any size can be done according to the wrist measurement.
* Please request the size upon order
The price is 30$
Moss agate properties:
* Freedom from habits and behaviors that do not benefit you is.
* considered the stone of the beginnings .
* release the fears and doubts that prevent you from self-development.
* Helps the inspiration and spiritual growth and reaching your spiritual message .
* Balancing all energy centers at all levels.
* strengthens your ability to express yourself and your opinions.
* beneficial for increasing fertility and for those who wish to have children during childbirth .
*helps you to increase acceptance of opportunities in money, business, love and relationships.
*Strengthens intuition and meditation. *helps you make the right choices.
*Helps to clear negative energies directed, such as magic and envy.
Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement to recovery and healing . Please consult your doctor .


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