Light Red Jasper bracelet

$ 20

*The size of the bead 8/0.
*Any size can be done according to the wrist measurement.
* Please request the size upon order
The characteristics of Red jasper :
* Increases vitality.
* Stimulates and balances the root chakra .
* Cleanse the energy field.
* Increase your inspiration and work on your passion.
* It gives you the ability to make decisions and the motivation to achieve your dreams.
* One of the stones that helps in grounding and stability
* Helps you focus on your energy and stimulate creativity .
* Increases romance and calm.
* Stimulates sexual abilities.
* Increases fertility for those who wish to have children.
* Increases physical strength, suitable for suffering from chronic fatigue.
* It improves blood circulation.
* Suitable for athletes and those who exercise.
Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement for recovery and healing. Please consult your doctor.


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