01 May

The Energy of Nail Polish Color

The nail shape has energy as well as the nail polish color which depend on the colors’ element. Earth element: nail polish shades of yellow, brown and earthy colors represent stability and safety. It stimulates focus making it suitable for
01 May

The Energy of Nails Shape

Each nail shape has energy vibrations and we can alter the shape according to the energy we need. The long pointed nails (Almond / Stiletto): According to Fung Shui philosophy, it is fire element which symbolizes fame and reputation as
19 Dec

Detoxic Bath

How to prepare coffee and salt shower before healing session?? this scrub is so important for aura. merdiansand chakra cleaning before receiving the energy healing sessions you can use it after heavy stressful day as well, for relaxation and clearing
18 Dec

What is Reiki ?

What is Reiki ? Reiki is a Japanese technique which is simple and natural for self healing, rebalance, calmness and healing from diseases. It has no religion dimension, it is based on directing the invisible energy of the
18 Dec


 I am more than delighted that you are here and people all over the world started to be aware of the Reiki that is why I have a strong intention to spread it more throughout my free sessions. For those
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