01 May

The Energy of Nails Shape

Each nail shape has energy vibrations and we can alter the shape according to the energy we need.

The long pointed nails (Almond / Stiletto): According to Fung Shui philosophy, it is fire element which symbolizes fame and reputation as well as gives strong protection. It is suitable for individuals seeking improvements on a personal level, but its  advised only for a short period of time as they tend to attract challenging situations and problems.

Beveled/ Edged nails: Wood and fire elements.  According to genertaive cycle of the 5 elements fire is fueled by wood, thus this shape promotes successful commercial development and fruitful outcome.

Square nails: Wood and earth elements. The wood attract and achieve plans and projects. The earth element attracts safety and stability.

Oval nails: Metal element which provides support, safety and protection.

Short nails: Energy of high spirituality, creativity, calmness and serenity.

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