07 May

Very important instructions before starting any session

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Alsalamualikom. This is Rania Elkhateeb and I wish you be in the best state ever and bless you.

I am more than delighted that you are here and people all over the world started to be aware of the Ri Ki; that is why I have a strong intention to spread it more throughout my free sessions. For those who don’t know what Ri ki is, it is a Japanese healing technique which depends on energy as a natural source of healing.

The process is super easy as I saved the required energy in my videos and the music you listen to during the session is just to help you relax and make use of its energy to help us let go whatever  idea, thought, belief, or emotion.

I urge any new user to listen and apply carefully my instructions to understand and make the best use of the sessions for the smoothest fastest healing. For instance, you CANNOT use a session for more than one purpose (shock, feeling, file, …etc) at the same time due to applying it personally without a direct contact with a coach. You may get hurt in a way or another by not following the guiding lines properly. On the other hand, you will get the most benefit of it owing to the power of the big group intention.

For the best mutual communication, I will answer your questions “based on my own schedule” via Instagram private messages or in the comments below each post. I may not be able to answer all of your inquiries due to my busy timetable; that is why it might be easier to respond to comments.

What I also highly recommend is that you kindly go through the links of the sessions. Besides, it would be more beneficial if you read the articles I posted about each topic of them as it expands your awareness while you are in the journey of healing: the more you understand, the better results you get. It will also help you understand the cycle of energy and identify the problem.

Sometimes you might experience certain symptoms during the sessions: vomiting, gases, vomiting, back pain, …etc. These symptoms are common or expected as they show that there was a shock at that particular point which needs to heal. You have to repeat the session over and over till you are purified. For that reason, I DO recommend that you listen to my Two Golden Sessions of Weight & Forgiveness with any file you are dealing with. It helps you get rid of the heaviness of the file itself and magically heal yourself by the unbelievable means of forgiveness.

All in all, don’t get lazy, bored, nor panicked as it is all for you and about you to feel and live better in a more comfortable way. To maximize the outcomes, please take a coffee and salt shower before the sessions, do exercises, eat dates, and/or drink water. Nonetheless, do not take a shower after the sessions for 24 hours to keep the energy and give yourself a chance to make use of it. You may do some exercises to release the additional energy.

Love you all and wish you all the best. Looking forward to seeing you soon in more sessions.

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