14 Jun

Common Questions

Greeting from Rania Elkhateeb to all of you.

Since many of you have asked some common questions, I will answer and post them to all users:

  1. Why do we open the video and find only music? Isn’t it working?

All of the sessions are just music to listen to during the session to help you relax without any words or affirmations as the Ri Ki energy is already stored in them. It is all about sending and receiving that healing energy.

  1. How to use the energy?

You have to kindly know that it is all about intentions of letting go. In other words, these sessions are applicable for any idea, thought, belief, emotion, …etc you want to let go. Because I won’t be able to know your individual intentions, you have to be very specific and clear about it before the session. You have also to read the articles I post about certain topics that will help you understand the energy blockage(s)  you have before starting; i.e., the Weight and Attachment to someone. It is really better to understand and be aware of them before you start.

  1. May I listen to the sessions during driving or studying?

During the healing process by receiving the Ri Ki, you may feel relax and fall asleep; that’s why it is not recommended to do it during any activity which requires your attention. However, you may play the session while sitting, studying, or relaxing in a calm place in order to stay safe.

  1. How to maximize the received energy from the sessions?

To maximize the outcomes, you may take a coffee and salt shower before the sessions or wash for prayers “Wodu’,” do exercises,  sit to your positive direction or Al-Qibla, eat dates (1,3,5,or7 should be an odd number), lighten candles, and/or drink water. Nonetheless, do not take a shower after the sessions for 24 hours to keep the energy and give yourself a chance to make use of it. You may do some exercises to release the additional energy.

  1. How do the sessions work the best?

You have to set a clear specific intention and work on it till it is over. For example, if you are afraid from exams, keep working on it till you heal it completely, then you may go for another aspect. Take it one by one to make the best of the sessions.

  1. May I use more than one session for the same intention?

The answer is simply yes. For instance, the Weight session is not only for the physical weight; it could be used the energy weight or heaviness of any topic. Another example is that of being attached to someone. If you want to get rid of that attachment, you may use the attachment, fears, and weight sessions together. Also you may take the fear of loss session if you suffer from that aspect, too. However, you may just set a strong intention while taking the attachment session only and all of these file will be inclusive. What is very important is to be patient and to do it in full faith that God will help you heal. While receiving the healing energy, the body takes it the best way to be balanced, so allow it to take the required time. All of these hurts and shocks are accumulated throughout years; thus, never give up and give yourself the chance to let go.

Enjoy your healing journey and try to get the message(s) behind whatever you experience in your life; it is not a heavy homework or a task you must do. It is a lesson to learn.


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