Malachite bracelet

$ 35

The size of the beads is 0/8
Any size can be done according to the wrist measurement
Please specify the size upon request
The price is $ 50.
Malachite properties:
* It encourages you to emotional balance, mind and spirit.
* It helps you to reach what is not working in your life and need to be changed ,reach the experiences you need.
* It helps you change negative patterns in your life.
* Helps absorb negative energies and harmful electromagnetic waves. It can be used in conjunction with electrical appliances, mobile phones, and computers.
* The travel stone is used for fear of traveling by airplane travel smoothly and protection while traveling.
* To relieve menstrual period pain and to regulate the period..
* Healing previous sexual shock
* It reduces arthritis and helps in healing bone and spine diseases.
* Contributes to the recovery of asthma, heart and bowel problems, kidney stones and detoxification from the liver and kidneys, stimulating the immune system.
Malachite is one of the abundant and wealth stones that helps you receive positive fortunes and work on goals.
Disclaimer that gemstones are not a substitute for medical and psychological treatment. They are a complement to recovery. Please refer to a specialist doctor .


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